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Ensemble Odyssee

Ensemble Odyssee (2016): W. Babell Concerto no. 2

Ensemble Odyssee (2019): Ch. Graupner Ouverture in F 

Contemporary Music

With Anne Veinberg (2011): Ole Buck Gymel (1983)

With Trio KAZE & NoiseFold (2013): Zlatý Strom (The Golden Tree) 

Live 2011: Luciano Berio Gesti (1966)

Dorothée Hahne commentari III (2002)

The Royal Wind Music

The Royal Wind Music (2012): Pierre Phalèse Bransle

The Royal Wind Music (2012): Cipriano de Rore Da Pacem, Domine

Interviews & other

Jacob van Eyck: 

Preludium of Voorspel + Onse Vader in Hemelryck (Modo 1+3)

2016: Interview on TV Show Vrije Geluiden (in Dutch)

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