Duo Jiménez & Stegmann

J.S. Bach - Ciacona (arr. for violin & recorder) excerpt
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Lifting our heads vertically towards the sky we find the highest point of the imaginary celestial sphere which, since a miss-translation from Arabic to Old Spanish in the Middle Ages, has described anything ‘above' a location: the Zenith.
Bearing the same name, this programme moves within the electric field of what one could describe the zenith of original and arranged repertoire for recorders and different kinds of violins.
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with music by Hatzis, Bach and more



with music by Merula, Bach, Bartók, Berio, Ysaÿe and more

B. Bartók - Pê-loc | Standing Still
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Convincing and exciting, distinguished and enthralling, and highly entertaining.
Susanne Schulte, 2019
Gesellschaft zur Westfälischen Kulturarbeit
In LUNARIS Jorge and Anna present four sets around the different mythical phases of the moon. With various recorders, vielle, and baroque violin, they take the audience on a journey in which medieval music effortlessly blends with compositions from the last decades. 
LUNARIS has brought the duo to play concerts at prestigious venues such as the Melbourne Recital Centre, as well as concert series and festivals across Europe.
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Music by Alfonso X, Praetorius, Biber, Jiménez and more
A special programme where festive relieve and jollity speak as much as silence and reflection. Well-known Christmas favourites by Praetorius connect with the folklore inspired sound world of Bartók; traditional Spanish Christmas songs - recited, sung, and played - pave the road towards Christmas. Electronic soundscapes echo the sonorities of our world.
All that fitted and arranged for an array of recorders and mediaeval, baroque, and morden violins.
Christmas Special
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