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During lockdown, I have worked on a series of online projects, ranging from free digital concerts, a music film, and my own series of two seasons online recitals. Season 1 is a kaleidoscope of my favourite recorder solo repertoire and Season 2 features seventeenth-century music for recorder, dulcian and bass. In May 2021 an all Vivaldi programme with Fabio Bonizzoni's La Risonanza has premiered on

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Jun 19 

Musikfestspiele Potsdam

w/ Dorothee Oberlinger, Erik Bosgraaf & Jorge Jiménez

Potsdam (GER)

Aug 04 

Summerwinds Festival
w/ Boreas Quartett

Kloster Vinnenberg

Warendorf (GER)

Latest Release

On this new release for GWK Records, Stegmann and Jiménez follow the concept of LUNARIS.


The experts for historically informed performance practice have created a new, unique sound world, in which they, artistically at the highest level and beyond conventions and stylistic dictates, confidently expand their original habitat.

ZENITH invites the listener to walk on a musical tightrope - between the light and the dark, euphoria and depression, existence and extinction. An impressive and most up-to-date sound journey that radiates equally into the future as it does to the past.

Chick Corea: Children's Song no. 4 - Stegmann & Jiménez
ZENITH cover.jpg

Video Highlights

Music film by Lukas Zerbst

with Jorge Jiménez | vielle & violin

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